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Fotu La Pass – Zanskar Valley (Ladakh)

Fotu La Pass is also called as Fatu La. It is also a mountain range that comes in the Srinagar Leh highway, in the Zanskar range of Himalayas. Of the three passes in the highway 1D, this is the highest point at an elevation of 4108 meters r somewhat 13,478 feet above the sea level. IT surpasses the height of both Zoji La and Namika La.

There are only two mountain passes in between Kargil and Leh, one of which is Fotu la. The town of Lamayaru lies close to this pass. A Prasar Bharathi relay station is located on the road leading to Lamayuru. The terrain and mountains are rugged, and the view is serene. Once you reach the pass, several flags depicting Buddhist religion would welcome you.



Just like Namika la, Fotu la also had a contributory part in being the access between Kargil and Leh. It acted as an association connecting the two major cities since ancient times.



This pass is positioned in the Zanskar region of Himalayan mountain ranges. It is located in the Srinagar Leh Highway at an elevation of over 4000 meters above the sea level. The climate is too harsh. The nearest place to Fotu la is the Lamayuru.


Fotu La pass-zanskar-valley-ladakh

As said in case of Namika La, Fotu La is also located on the same way and could be accessed through road. IT has numerous hairpin bends, and the mountain drive is a bit adventurous.



Travelers should choose the time for travel wisely. Winter is not preferred as it remains shut down. Spring is the excellent season for travelers. The sharp, pointed roads are on a vertical rough mountain. Adding to it is the fact that the roads are incredibly conical. However, they are very well maintained and is in an excellent condition making it a pleasure to travel through these routes. The view is delightful from here.



Fotu la is a photographer’s delight. The sunrise and sunset at this place are stunning. It also has the highest motorable road in the world and is apt for mountain biking in Ladakh Leh region.


Lamayuru is located next to Fotu la. Alternatively, instead, it is situated right after Fotu la. It is often described as the moon land of Ladakh. There is a meditation hill, as well as a monastery at Lamayuru.


Moreover, the traditional medical laboratory set up at Fotu la is used by the monks to prepare medicines. There are also century’s old stupas on the top of this hill. From meditation hill, the roads of Fotu la and Lamayaru are visible clearly. The Landscapes of Lamayaru is shaped like that of a moon.



Lamayuru is the village next to Fotu La and being a place of high tourist importance, Fotu la has many homestays, hotels, and restaurants. What the peculiarity of these home stays in Ladakh is that it is cheap and is a hub from which you can enjoy the culture of the place.

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